Hackers continue to improve their skills and innovate their methods of attack on computer systems. Organizations are becoming more aware of the fact that reactive data security methods are no longer dealing with attack attempts. Top companies in different areas continue to adopt proactive ways of identifying and addressing cyber security vulnerabilities in computer systems, especially those exposed on the Internet.

By adopting a disciplined and pragmatic approach to discovering and remedying the threats and vulnerabilities that affect the security of IT systems, you can understand and fix the root cause of cyber security issues. The partnership with OMEGA Trust can help you reach your target without the burden of maintaining this expertise in-house.

So we can help you with

  • Identifying vulnerabilities in the information systems and related IT infrastructure
  • Determining the severity of different attack vectors on information systems
  • Identifying vulnerabilities at the level of software components that are typically omitted from scanning tools
  • Provide evidence to support the budgeting process of cyber security activities
  • Elaborate effective controls and solutions to minimize the impact of security vulnerabilities
  • Define and implement security processes and procedures, specific for the software development activity
  • Identifying high-risk vulnerabilities resulting from exploitation in a certain sequence of a number of low-risk vulnerabilities that are typically ignored

In this regard, we propose the following products:

  • Penetration testing at IT infrastructure level and software level
  • Vulnerability scans at IT infrastructure level and software level
  • Analysis of source codes of custom developed software products
  • Security testing on the acceptance of implemented products
  • Elaboration of cyber security booklets
  • Integrating cyber security procedures into software development (SDLC)