In a dynamic and agile world, requirements and regulations over information systems are becoming increasingly complex, and organizations are struggling to secure critical IT assets and demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations.
Where some organizations see challenges, OMEGA Trust sees opportunities. Thus, we can contribute to transforming the compliance effort with standards requirements into a competitive advantage, by helping you make better decisions and become more agile in business.

In this context, we can help your Organization by providing you with the following products:

  • IT Audit for compliance with ISO 27001/ISO 27002, ISO 20000, COBIT standards
  • IT Audit for Internet Banking Systems
  • IT Audit for the connection to the Electronic Payment System
  • IT Audit for information systems funded by European Funds
  • IT Audit for compliance of information systems with the accounting and tax legislation
  • Audit of IT controls and procedures
  • Internal IT Audit