Technical audit of structural funds

Omega Trust provides technical and security auditing services to companies that acquire and implement computer systems (hardware and software) through projects funded by structural funds. As part of a technical and security audit, our experts certify whether the IT systems have been implemented in the locations mentioned in the financing contracts, if they are in a state of functioning, if they technically comply with the obligations assumed under the financing contracts and if they an adequate level of data security managed by them.

To achieve these goals, our technical and security auditing team will audit how your Company has implemented the purchased hardware and software, and if they meet the specifications from the task book and from the financing agreement.

From a methodological point of view, such a technical audit is based on evaluations of the compliance of the implemented IT system with the technical requirements assumed by the financing contract, which consists on the verification of at least the following aspects:

  • The fact that all the hardware devices have been installed and configured, that they respect the specific technical characteristics, where such purchases have been made;
  • The fact that all licenses and software support software for the computer system have been installed and configured, if such purchases have been made;
  • The fact that the implemented computer system is functional and includes all the contracted functional features;
  • The fact that all related activities under the contract have been delivered (eg Training Courses), if appropriate.

Also, from a security point of view, in a technical audit, our experts will verify that appropriate controls have been implemented to ensure a high level of security of the implemented IT system and data managed through it, verifying aspects such as :

  • Security policies within the IT system;
  • Protection of logical access to the system and managed data;
  • User Account Management;
  • Segregation of rights and reponsibilities in the system;
  • Password Policies, etc.

At the end of a technical audit, we will issue a Technical Audit Report describing how your Company has implemented the technical requirements specified in the awarding documentation and the financing contract as well as the description of the technical / security observations and our recommendations for remediation, if necessary.